fact. there may be a chance spin and vertex are related

p.s vertex maybe his uncle

spin IS A GOD


Spin after coming out of his ball form.

Biographical information

Spin was hunted by Adam Snarlers in the MOive Piels legacy :))))))) call me if u want a fun time "haha spinning singING tins sjnjdnnsjndjn bonjour tribal



FCPD Status




Physical description


Promonet colour


Eye colour


Personal information

Penny, Tinny, FCPD


Vertex, Manx, Vett,Botch, Macro, Lance Mayor Aria, the Spiderbots


Rookie, Kei'Zatsu, Tribeless

Notable Powers

Super Speed; Super Agility

Chronological and political information
  • Criminal(Probally Amnestied)
  • Police Officer (formerly)

  • Flip City Police Forcer Officer
  • Last Zushin
  • Wanted Criminal(Amnestied)
  • Zushin Tribe
  • FCPD (formerly)

Episode 1



Voiced By

Samuel Vincent

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Show Status

Main Character|Protagonist

Other members of Tribe



(All Episodes)

Spin (voiced by Samuel Vincent) is a Bot from the lost tribe Zushin. He has found a place in the police tribe as a Keizatsu.


Boomstick: A special stick that can extend and has two laser blades at the end. It was once refered to as a sun blade by one of Tamaki's pirate crew.

Skyv Boots: Special boots that allow Spin to jump to great heights. They also allow him to adjust the friction where he's standing in order to balance himself.

Hyper mode: A special ability that allows Spin to reach velocities that no normal bot could ever even hope to reach.

Radiation boost: A part of Spin that allows him to absorb radiation and use it at his will to move objects, create force fields, or throw energy balls similar to the ones Tinny discovers he has in episode 26.

Sound Scaper Prototype: Acts like an inferred camera and projects onto a holographic display. Allows you to check bots for injuries or show invisible Fangbots.

Prototype invisibility BotMod: A yellow energy disk that allows the user to become invisible. Now in the possession of the Tensai.


Due to his skiv boots, hyper speed, and love of going fast, Spin has attained incredible speed and agility. He also has great power if provoked to fight and has been shown to be able to leap off of trax without so much as an occasional rough landing. His boomstick gives him an added means of fighting besides hand-to-hand. If equipped with either his boomstick or charged with radiation, he is exceptionally good with long-range combat.


Spin is mostly red with white racing stripes and black markings. He has large feet because of his skyv boot bot-mod and has a small antenna sticking from the top of his head. He is one of the only characters  who actually has colored eyes, which are blue (Penny is one of the others and strangely her eyes are the exact same color and shade as Spin's). He has a giant robo GOD STAFF. he is also pretty decent

Progression throught the showEdit


In one of the more recent episodes, Spin was doused with radiation and started glowing green. He then developed a telekinesis power and recieved the power to shoot energy beams from his hands. Also, when Spin returned to Zetag to battle Vertex again, Pounder came and told Spin that Spin was a Zushin, the last of the lost tribe.

Pounder pounds spin. :))))))))))))))))))))

Background InformationEdit

  • It is hinted that there is a connection between his tribe and the Spiderbots. This would later be confirmed when it is revealed to Spin that he's from a lost tribe.

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